Can’t Qualify for a Loan? Rent To Own in Roanoke… But Make Sure you Cover Your Assets!

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Unfortunately, there are many stories about how Roanoke Tenant-Buyers have invested a lot of time and money into what they thought was a Rent To Own transaction but lost everything at the end of the lease because they didn’t structure the transaction properly and had no interest in the property even though they spent 12 months and a considerable amount of money on repairs and improvements.

When used responsibly Rent To Own / Lease Option transactions are a wonderful way for families who cannot qualify for a mortgage at the time to purchase a home that they can live in, love in and grow in even before they officially own the home.

If your family decides that Rent To Own / Lease Option is the right fit it is very important to work with professionals who are transparent and explain every detail of the transaction before you sign anything or move into a home.

REsolutions Real Estate Services is the leading company specializing in Rent To Own / Lease Option transactions in the Roanoke Valley and we take pride in providing a solution to Buyers and Sellers who can’t buy or sell on the conventional market.  Our team of professionals is comprised of top lenders, attorneys, credit repair agencies and even financial coaches so you know you’re being set up for success.

To learn more about our process and how we protect Buyers and Sellers visit our Rent To Own page at

– Chad Corbett, President REsolutions Real Estate Services

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