Rent To Own or Rent To Rent? Why Rent To Own / Lease Option Transactions are Good for the Roanoke Real Estate Market

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As a real estate Agent/Investor/Consultant I have a lot of exposure to several markets across the country.  One thing that I see in every US housing market is low equity for homeowners due to the recent market correction and difficulty qualifying for homebuyers due to the same.  In my career it has never been harder for Sellers to sell or for Buyers to buy and it will not change until markets have recovered and banks have less foreclosures and more liquidity for borrowers.

If you are one of these Buyers you don’t have to continue moving from rental to rental and uprooting your family.  If you’re one of these Sellers you don’t have to just keep making payments on a house you don’t want/need.  REsolutions Real Estate Services can help you reach your real estate goals in ways other companies simply cannot.

Not only are we helping individuals, we are helping the overall Roanoke real estate market by selling homes that would otherwise sit on the market with no activity or even worse, go into foreclosure and drag home values down even further.  At the same time we are putting families into homes they can own and establishing them in the community rather than continuing to rent and move.



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