Buyer Benefits


What's in it for me?

  • You don’t need 10% – 20% to move into your new house.  Only a small amount of cash is requir

    ed up front.

  • Qualify with minimum credit requirements.  We realize bad things happen to good people and we have credit repair experts to help you build your credit while you’re in your home.

  • Move into your new house NOW.  No more moving, changing schools, having yard sales, etc. until you can buy a home conventionally.

  • Establish yourself in the community while you pay down debt, establish credit, build employment history, etc. to qualify for a loan and close.

  • Lock in a fair market rent and price for the full Option Term.  If prices go up you still pay the price you agreed on up front and you get the appreciation!

  • Ability to make improvements to make your house your “home”.  Unlike a traditional lease, our program allows you to make repairs and improvements to your house even before you close.

    Rent To Own Buying Process

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