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Sell Your Roanoke, VA House For Full Market Value

Our Rent To Sell program was designed for Sellers in the Roanoke and New River Valley who need an alternative to selling their house conventionally because they don’t have enough time to wait or enough equity to pay selling costs.




Due to the current market conditions and lending environment it’s not only difficult for Sellers to sell a home, it’s also very difficult for Buyers to buy a home.

According to Core Logic, a leading data company, nearly 11 million homes or roughly 22.3% of homes in the United States were in a negative equity position as of September 2012, which means those owners can’t sell even if they have a willing buyer because the house won’t appraise high enough for the Buyer to qualify for financing and they cannot afford commissions and closing costs.

In addition to those “underwater” homes there are over 25 million owners who have less than 10% equity in their homes so after paying commissions, closing costs and repairs many would be required to pay to sell their homes.

Through our Rent To Sell Program Sellers can get immediate relief from payments by allowing Buyers to move in NOW with the price and terms locked in and close when they can qualify for financing.  It truly is a win-win solution for everyone!

Let us show you how to sell your house quickly for full market value and net 10% – 20% more than you would with a conventional sale.

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