How The Process Works


  • Together we will determine the fair market price, rent and term for your house

  • We sign a simple agreement that allows us to market your home to our list of pre-qualified Buyers (you can continue to market it yourself)

  • We market your home aggressively to our network utilizing signage, over 20 different real estate websites, social media, local networking, video tours and detailed photo slideshows

  • We screen applicants and once we’ve approved an applicant we will present their full application package to you for approval.

  • You approve the applicant

  • We schedule a formal closing with an attorney and execute the full Lease with Option to Purchase Agreement and collect the Option Consideration, first months rent, security deposit and closing fees from the Tenant Buyer.

  • Tenant-Buyer moves in immediately and each month the rent is automatically drafted from their account so everyone knows the payments are made on time (optional).

  • Our lenders, counselors and coaches will continue to work with the Tenant-Buyer until they can qualify for a conventional loan.

  • As soon as the Tenant-Buyer qualifies for financing they will notify you in writing of their intent to exercise the Option to Purchase and close within 45 days.

  • Tenant-Buyer becomes Home-owner and you have sold your home for full price and had your payments covered in full during the option period.


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