Short Sales to Speed Up – There is A Much Better Option for Homeowners though…

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Let REsolutions Show You a Controlled Exit That Will Not Destroy Your Credit.

Last week the New York Times featured an article “Speeding Up Short Sales”. In which they highlighted the positives of how expediting the short sale process will clear the glut of homes that are in default that will inevitably foreclose.

“With rules that take effect next month, federal regulators have hopes of greatly streamlining the short-sale process.

Starting June 15, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which regulates Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, will require both agencies to give short-sale buyers a final decision within 60 days.”

Typically a short sale takes from 4 – 8 months with the vast majority of them falling apart after the buyer and the seller have invested a considerable amount of emotion and energy into the process.  Speeding up the process may force the lenders to become more efficient and process more which will result in more that actually close but I still don’t recommend short sales any longer.

Because of the uniqueness of this housing crisis owners have no equity and banks have no liquidity and until one side frees up we aren’t going to see any kind of real recovery.  Banks realize this more than anybody and are now willing to “make a deal” with most owners.  There are much better solutions than a short sale for owners but not many professionals know this. 

We Can Solve Your Housing Problem Quickly and Without Damage to Your Credit!!

REsolutions Real Estate Services has a vast network of real estate professionals including agents, bankers, attorneys, loss mitigation teams and more.  If you’ve falling behind on payments or know that you are over-leveraged in your home do not give up.  If you want to stay in your home we can show you a way to clear your current mortgage and refinance at today’s fair market value so you’re not throwing money at long gone equity.  If you just want rid of the house and want to move on we can show you how to get out without destroying your credit as you would with a foreclosure or short sale.  Either way your only obligation is a $400-$500 appraisal and a document that will allow us to work with your lender.  This process takes only a few weeks and once an agreement is made it’s unlikely to fall apart.

Call us today to schedule your 100% confidential consultation where we learn about your challenges and present you with multiple options.

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